This gallery shows some of the best pictures I took during my time in the US. To open a category and see the thumbnails, click on the corresponding green sign on the left side. To see the full size version of a picture, click on the thumbnail. The pictures in the gallery are compressed and in a low resolution. If you like to have a picture in a better resolution and with less compression, write me an e-mail and I will send it to you.

    The Brickhouse The house I was living
    Corvallis The city I lived
    Oregon State University Where I work and study
    Oregon The beautiful state in the northwest
    Oregon Coast The world famous coast
    Washington (State) City, rain forest and volcanos
    California The sunny state
    Nevada Where some more things were allowed...
    Arizona The desert state
    Hawaii The Aloha State
    Northwest National Parks The green parks
    Rockies National Parks The crown of america
    Canyon National Parks Colorful work of art
    Desert National Parks A special beauty
    New York City The big apple
    Pow Wow Native American culture
    We're in America Some things are simply crazy
    Skiing Not only in Switzerland
    Parties, Friends, People September 1999 - August 2000
    Parties, Friends, People September 2000 - August 2001
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